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Exciting news? Here it is…

A two day old baby!

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve anxiously waited for my phone to buzz with the news of my friend having her baby. It was torture as each day passed her due date…I can’t imagine what it was like for her!:)I couldn’t wait to hold her precious little girl in my arms.

Finally, I get a message 3 days after her due date that she had her baby! I was so proud of her! You can imagine how nervous she was about labor since the doctor speaks very little English. But to her relief, it was a one-hour delivery with zero complications! I knew she would do just fine. I was thanking the Lord for such a smooth labor and delivery.

The thought of having a baby is frightening in itself; but to be miles away from the Philippines, in a foreign country, mother not here to guide you, different language, different culture (believe me, the Asian pregnancy culture is SOOO different than the west) …can be a little daunting to say the least. But she made it! Victoriously too! I couldn’t be a more proud friend or Godmother.

This dear girl has blessed me in more ways than I can describe. Her tenacious spirit to overcome any fear or obstacle has been so inspiring. Not only is her beauty captivating, but her strong, not give up persona is immediately cherished upon meeting her. As I talked to her mother (through Skype), I understood where her beauty and strength comes from. Not to mention their hilarious sense of humor runs throughout the entire family! I couldn’t stop laughing by her mothers’ and cousins’ smart wit!

This 9lb beauty is an angel. Enjoy this sweet little girl.

Mommy and daughter…sigh

Sweet, peaceful sleep.

Two of my favorites…

More baby time!

I love the tiny, wrinkled toes of babies…perfectly held in the mothers’ hand.

Can you tell where this angel got her good looks from? So breathtaking.

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