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This past Sunday was Filipino Day in Korea. Many Filipinos came to Incheon city for a festive time of games, parades, food, performances, ect.

Filipino food=YUM!!

The right hand picture below is a performance by children who are multi-ethnic (Korean fathers; Filipino mothers).  The mayor of Incheon made it clear that he wants to celebrate the multi-ethnic population in Korea.

I loved seeing all the bright traditional Filipina dresses the girls wore.


At the end of the evening, they held a singing competition. Filipinos from around the nation tried out for this competition a few weeks ago.

13 contestants made it to the final round. Two of the finalists happened to my good friends! I was so excited for them. I couldn’t be more than thrilled to cheer them on and help them prepare for their big performance.

I tried to make them look their best with my curling iron and makeup brushes. I was a bit intimated as a makeup artists walked in carrying 4 different bags containing a few products I didn’t even know how to use. Hard to believe since I’m a girl that loves makeup, right? Well, it’s true.

Yet, he was so helpful and showed me a few tips…like how to put on fake eyelashes!:)Yes, he was brilliant with those brushes!

My girls…heart.


She was literally glowing…


Stunning in her traditional Filipina dress.


Finishing touches before their performances.


I videorecorded their songs, but the sound quality doesn’t do justice to how they truly sound. You’ll just have to be satisfied with pictures.:)

I was so proud of my friend. Her voice just resonated to my core. Her deep, smooth, heart-felt sound always gives me goose bumps.


She carried such elegance and grace when she performed. Her voice is marked with that rich, raw tone…such a strength and passion she has.


13 contestants total.

1st place price: 1,000,000 won (little less than $1,000)

2nd place price: 700,000 won (little less than $700)

3rd place price: 500,000 won (little less than $500)

All finalist receive 100,000 won (little less than $100)

I was getting chills as each one brought their all in their performances. I was thankful I wasn’t one of the judges.


The judges deliberated and chose the 3 winners. The second place winner was our friend from Pohang (South seaport city in Korea). We were so excited for him!


After the competition, the finalists performed with a well-known Filipino band from Seoul, Ground Zero.


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