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Asher Collie :: Sole Hope {Soul Care}

I had the honor of attending a Soul Care retreat in Vail, Colorado. Megan, a gifted writer and dear friend, documented their stories while I captured their pictures. Megan will be sharing about each of these women and their incredible missions.

Megan would love to hear your story. Send her some love.

Mom of four, shoe designer (by accident!), former photographer, part-time unofficial nurse (we’ll explain later), Asher is the essence of a world-changing nonprofit leader.

Yet, she is so calm and collected, with a cup of coffee she would invite anyone to sit down with her and have a chat.

She is a woman of many hats, yet one love and a constant, steady integrity for the work her and her family are doing in Uganda.

A few years ago, Asher came across an issue that was stealing limbs and lives of children in Africa. Jiggers are little sand parasites that embed themselves into human skin, causing irritation.

The thing is, jiggers are easily treatable and non-threatening, yet when untreated, they can cause gangrene and tetanus – two life-threatening issues that can result in amputation or even death.

Asher and her husband created Sole Hope. This nonprofit runs clinics in Uganda to remove jiggers from the feet of children (Asher helps, encompassing her part-time unofficial nurse life). It also encourages shoe-making parties across the world, and runs a Ugandan warehouse that employs people to make the shoes from the pre-cut packages sent from around the globe.

At the clinics, they share the love of Jesus and give the children the shoes that can prevent them from getting more jiggers and infections.

Asher showed us the newly designed summer sandals that will be sold to raise funds for their mission. She totally designed them – check them out on her stunning Instagram feed here. (Did we mention how amazing her photos are? Seriously, this former photographer creates candy for the eyes!)

What else can we say about this smart, stunning and creative woman?

She always has an open heart to the people around her.

Thank you, Asher, for never giving up on your dreams and never shutting your heart off to the people around you.


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