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Bueze + Natalie :: Beloved Session


“It’s as easy as eating bread and cheese.”

Every time I would attempt to master the weights at the gym, Bueze would spout this statement. Leaving myself and our other workout buddy in a fit of hysteric laughter, our workouts (aka – storytelling time) were filled with uncomfortable stares from strangers, attempts to get fit, and definitely not about eating bread and cheese.

Originally from Nigeria, Bueze has a life marked with strength, tenacity, courage and the best stinkin’ sense of humor. While pumping iron, I’d listen in awe as he shared about his village life, his journey to America and the struggles he’s had to overcome. In between his tales of running from wild hogs, owning a business at the age of 11 and being a hip-hop dancer, he’d always brag about his beloved sweetheart. It was months before I finally met this stunner he always spoke of.

Natalie is everything and more her man praised her of. Sweet and tender, yet possessing such strength and dignity. Though opposites on most things, it’s clear these two were brought together for a reason. With faith being their center, they are some of the most giving, loving souls I know and selfless in all they do. I’m honored to call them friends and can’t wait to meet their little one soon.


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