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Call me vain, call me shallow, call me superficial, butI LOVE FASHION!

Fashion week in Seoul=Fabulous!

When my friend invited me to come to a Seoul’s 10th annual fashion week, it took my whole being to contain my excitement.

As a photographer, I’ve realized how fashion shapes the entire mood in a photograph. From an edgy-glam look to sophisticated-classy to a cutesy-chic, fashion makes a statement. No matter how passionate I am about photographing missions and social issues, there’s nothing that gets me more excited than photographing fashion.


Every year Korea gathers all it’s top fashion designers to present their work to the public. Designers, celebrities, and buyers from all over Korea and the world come to view their work. Seoul is one of the few places to allow the public to view the shows.


Sounds of clicking and flashes of lights filled the room as we were waiting in line for the show. My heart would not stop racing as all the fashion gurus of Korea surrounded me.

A couple shots while we were waiting in line…Korean culture at it’s finest…

**putting make-up on while waiting in line** Koreans are always checking themselves in any reflective surface. #1 product sold in Korea=mirrors. Okay, I’m joking, but still…

**never seen so many different hair colors in Koreans in one place**

**some pretty extreme leopard heels** I secretly admit that they are adorable:)(only with the right outfit of course)

Andy and Debb; leading Korean designers. They just showed their spring/summer collection in New York in Sept. Andy is also a judge on Korea’s project runway.

The show begins…

A menswear collection…

The runway enthralling the staff.

Okay, I know designers are supposed to show their most innovative and groundbreaking fashion-forward designs, but I couldn’t help but cringe at these…

What in the world is up with the guys wearing pants that are clearly way too short?!? Seriously, not sure what the fad is back in the states, but come on guys! Way to cut the pants at the most awkward, non-flattering place. Hmm…should we make them long pants or capris? Not sure, so why not just go in-between. Talk about gross!


Grotesque pattern suit has to go.


Oh no they didn’t..yep, they did! not only do they grace the runway with the  hideous pattern again, but bring they brought it out in shorts too!


Models together…

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