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“If God can change my life, He can change yours too.”

With raw conviction, these words were exchanged from one rescued boy to another on the streets of Manila.

There are some people in life that leave you amazed. Well friends, let me introduce you to a vivacious woman that will do just that to you.

Meet Sharon.


In my book, Sharon is a superhero. She runs a mission called Children’s Garden, which houses and cares for 20 former street boys, from ages 12-18. These kids are rescued from abuse, drugs, poverty, gangs and hopelessness. She sacrificially pours herself into these boys as well as leads a bible study to girls in prostitution in the slums. Her child-like excitement, spunk and ambition is loved by all.

Children’s Garden is changing this city by being a safe place for boys to talk, laugh, cry, and pray for their new brothers and staff.

There are 250,000+ street children in the Philippines, and over 1.5 million when including those who chose to leave their home. They steal, beg or huff glue to survive.

“I have the best staff in the world,” Sharon says. The staff will sometimes go with delayed payment to keep the boys needs met during financially hard times. They told stories of praying for food and needs, and only hours later, having friends and strangers alike show up with just the right amount of money or food.

Like every great day, it all starts and ends with a good dance party.

Please pray for Children’s Garden and the nation of the Philippines as the first major Typhoon of the season hit yesterday. Much of the country is still recovering from last November’s deadly Typhoon, Haiyan. Nearly 350,000 have fled their homes across the country and several causalities have been reported over this category 3 storm.
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