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Here’s a few nuggets that were brought up when planning DJ and JamieLee’s engagement session:

Swings :: Coffee :: Tree Climbing :: Kayaking :: Biking :: Picnics :: Apple Orchards

I knew this session would be filled with crazy awesomeness.

And it was.

Besides their dedication to serve others, love for each other and passion for missions (yup, it’s a fact that I have the coolest friends) these two lovelies make my life fuller.

JamieLee // enthusiastic, compassionate, vibrant, encouraging

DJ // committed, faithful, a romantic, and the best stinking volleyball player ever.

JamieLee and DJ have shared countless hours volunteering their time and talent working at Unseen. They’re desire to give back has empowered many of Unseen’s groups around the world (and have prevented my brain to become Jell-o). Love these two dearly and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next!

Got a little sloooow-moo action with my shutter.

Our oh-so-brilliant idea to go kayaking became a bit more complicated (adventurous) than we realized. Since we were far from any river access, we decided to skip our way through the apple orchard’s into a neighbors yard. Plowing our way through thistles, mud and weeds until we reached the water. After debating on turning back due to the heat, mud and then hesitating getting in, we went for it! How lame to do something half way. With a mental note to capture a possible tipping, I helped DJ and JamieLee in their single, yes one kayak. Who needs two when you can squeeze into one?

“This better be worth it!” said DJ has his bear feet sink into the mud.

The squeals, craziness and laughter made it worth it. Not to mention the killer photos.:)

From previous days of rain, the mud made it ridiculously challenging to get the kayak in. I gave them a little boost to make it off shore.

Aaaaand my feet got a little mud manicure too.

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October 12, 2013 - 2:31 pm

Regina Kramer - These were beautiful photos. They look so happy together.I am so excited and happy for them.

October 12, 2013 - 7:42 pm

kimberly bearsheart - Beautiful pictures, beautiful people!!!! Thank you for taking these wonderful pictures. Jamie and do certainly belong together and have a wonderful future ahead of them!

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