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Everett + Brooke :: MN Wedding

Dark green tops of trees and black winding roads lead us through the heart of lake country. Ahead of us was a wedding between two people with a very special love.

Meet Brooke and Everett. They have been together for 10 years. Fun-loving Everett shared with us that his first date with Brooke consisted of taking her to the cult-classic Red Pepper in Grand Forks, MN. She spoke only eight words that night.

The rest was history.
Fast forward to the day they had their sweet little boy, Truman.
And today would be the day they made their family complete.
Towering trees opened up to the beautiful Grand View Lodge. The day was cloudy, the lake crashed the shore in waves and every building was a grandeur cabin with soaring windows and elegant white trim. We drooled at the sight of the quaint Chocolate Ox candy shop and after finalizing locations for photos, we went inside to re-meet the bride.
Sweet, tender Brooke was getting ready with her sisters and girlfriends. Cowboy boots, make up bags and the laid back presence of the bride and her ladies filled the room.


Meanwhile, second shooter Megan went to hang out with the boys for some photos. Everett, with his zest for life, made sure to create a fun atmosphere as he and his guys joked, danced and played pool.



First look took place on the Grand View Golf Course. Everett and I waited as Brooke and Megan walked across the driving range, making sure to watch out for flying golf balls.


When the whole party arrived, it was clear that this friend group knew how to have fun. The ladies rocked their cowgirl boots and the boys had antlers and old-fashioned beer mugs. They were practically models waiting to be published on the cover of Modern Bride meets Country Weekly.
We knew we could take this group anywhere, and they would create a scene for an over-the-top photo shoot experience.
So we did. We brought them to pose in front of screaming kids at the pool house. We brought them to pose on the stormy beach. We brought them to pose out at sea, or at least, out to the edge of a dock. After a brief rainstorm, we brought them to pose in the sweet-tooth mecca – the Chocolate Ox.

They posed with lollipops, jelly beans and those funny antlers (oh my!)


The whole time, this group of family and friends kept their fun on.
What was clear in all the photos was realized in the ceremony. The outdoor venue was rained out, but the love that Everett and Brooke shared and vowed to each other in the reception hall, with sun streaming in and their son nearby, was deep and beautiful.
Their commitment to each other and to Truman sealed the stunning day that made two one.


It was also apparent at the reception that Everett and Brooke love and are loved by the people who came to see them. As they talked with all their guests, we had to sneak away for one final shoot of the log-cabin-of-dreams venue.
Only we needed two sidekicks.
Deer heads.
We needed those antler-donned skulls for a little of our own fun!
Here’s to you Brooke and Everett. You both are incredibly kind and life-filled people who will influence so many with your commitment to each other and to your little sweetie pie Truman. It was an honor to be a part of your love story.


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