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Hidden Gems

I am still alive.


People have asked if I still do photography due to my deserted blog.  Rest assured, Lula Belle (my camera) is alive and well. If you haven’t heard the buzz from my previous blog posts, Lula Belle and I have been quite busy working at Unseen Ministries. Don’t know what we do? Be blown away and look here.


These past 5 months I’ve been back in the states (with a 20 day trip to and from Asia) have been some of the greatest yet most challenging times yet. In February, I helped lead a team to Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Korea to work with 7 ministries that are fighting against human trafficking, defending orphans and combating poverty.


Words can’t depict the vastness of the beauty and tragedy I saw…many times embodied in the same location. I witnessed things that were so wrong I could hardly believe they existed in this world.  Yet, I saw the Lord radiate his splendor in those dark corners. In the most unexpected places, I met some of the most inspiring people and instantly became life-long friends. I saw the Lord use a tragedy to behold His beauty and hidden treasures.


I often wonder how many times I overlook gems due to the enormity of the dirt. The gems are always there. You just have to look hard enough to find them. One of Unseen’s missions is to uncover those hidden treasures and make their story known.


I could write stories all day of the remarkable people we met, but it is much better to experience them for yourself on our Unseen blogSign up for our newsletters and help reveal these incredible groups that are living out God’s love and justice. Hope lives!


Here’s a few favorites.


Yes, these are rats. Just be glad I didn’t post the images of the raw ones being prepared. :/

Finding healing through pictures. Read the story.

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