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Jerusalem Ministry :: Korea Treks and Travels

I’ve been sitting at the Wild Goose coffee shop all afternoon going through images for my Triple Threat: Tanya’s Treks and Travels series. I find myself laughing, crying and shaking my head reliving the experiences my camera has taken me. I’m sure I look strange and confused to the quiet gentlemen eating a salad across the table.

Let’s just say I cannot wait to share about my time with the Sea Gypsies in the Philippines. But for this week, we’re going to hopscotch our way to Korea. After my trip to the Philippines, I was able to renter my second homeland for 5 weeks. While seeing close friends and getting my fill of Kimbap (a MUST have, it will change your life), I was able to spend some time at a Children’s Home and document Jerusalem Ministry’s soccer event. This mission is dedicated to equipping and training volunteers to build committed and loving relationships to the orphans in Korea. With 98 volunteers, they are caring for children in 9 different children’s homes across Seoul.

While spending time with the children at the home, I was reminded of a simple yet powerful truth. All children have the desire for the following:

To be loved.

To be valued.

To be seen.

This is what the staff and volunteers at Jerusalem Ministry provide every day. I’m thankful for their vision and excited to see them reach more underprivileged children.

Next week they will be holding their 7th annual soccer camp for 3rd to 6th grade boys. If you would like to get involved, please connect with their mission here.

Enjoy the pictures.

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