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Laura Wilson :: Strings for Hope {Soul Care}

Last weekend I had the honor of attending a Soul Care retreat in Vail, Colorado. Megan, a gifted writer and dear friend, documented their stories while I captured their pictures. Megan will be sharing about each of these women and their incredible missions.

Megan would love to hear your story. Send her some love.

It started when Laura and her husband picked up their daughter, who was hungry after spending time at a friend’s house.

Her daughter hadn’t eaten lunch because her friend hadn’t eaten lunch. The family could only afford two meals a day, and Laura’s daughter caught a glimpse of their food circumstance.

Sitting on their back porch, Laura and her husband, a guitar designer and builder, conspired and came up with the idea to make jewelry out of old, recycled guitar strings and sell it to give money to local food banks.

Strings for Hope was born (and grew like crazy). Volunteers scrambled to make jewelry sold at music festivals all around Nashville.

The organization now employs formerly incarcerated women living in a halfway house to make the jewelry. The wages are extremely competitive, changing the lives of the women who create the products. Some of the money still goes to food banks and other causes.

Strings of Hope’s story inspires us, as did the woman behind it. This story is about our day of photos with Laura.

Fiery hair, glittering eyes and a flair of adventure, she carried a glass of wine with her as we drove to our destination spot.

The best part about finding the pre-chosen location for Laura was that we actually never found it.

Upon looking for it, we stumbled upon a magical area of pines, a rushing river and a hidden bridge. After taking some playful snaps of Laura holding her wine, we ventured deeper into the woods and as if on cue, with her laughter ringing out and her hands lifted high, this Nashville girl’s dream came true.

Laura wanted snow, and snow is what she got. God smiled as beautiful large snowflakes swirled around us. Her emotions were so raw that we both teared up with her as she shared about challenging moments of life and how God continually gave her strength.

She tipped her head back and laughed as Tanya snapped photos of her drinking up the snow.

It was so much more than a photo shoot in that hidden spot in the forest.

We got to share one of those precious life moments with a beautiful and strong woman.

Thank you for sharing your life with us, Laura. You are precious in God’s sight, and we saw it the day in the woods.

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