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Misty Lindsey :: Amigos Ministries {Soul Care}

This past weekend I had the honor of attending a Soul Care retreat in Vail, Colorado. Megan, a gifted writer and dear friend, documented their stories while I captured their pictures. Megan will be sharing about each of these women and their incredible missions. 

Megan would love to hear your story. Send her some love.

Spritely and spunky, Misty is one of the leaders of Amigos Ministries, an organization that empowers leaders who are making a difference in communities of Mexico. They recently built a facility to host artistic and vocational training and partner with a ministry called Carmen’s Cocina, a family-based project turned miracle when one woman decided to feed hungry children in a nearby school.

Misty gets to watch her Mexican friends turn poor and downcast neighborhoods into whole and powerful communities full of life.

It’s funny, because that’s what she did for us during the photo shoot.

Her heart spread sweetness over us, and moments later, she would say something quick and funny, leaving us gut-laughing, gasping for breath.

During the shoot, we asked Misty what she wanted to be when she was little.

“A hairstylist or a makeup artist, even though I don’t do much of that now,” she answered. “I used to always do it for my friend who was kind of the awkward one at school…she just grew faster than the rest of us, and I would do her hair and makeup.”

Standing by others and bringing out their beauty sounds like the Misty we got to know. We love this sweet, spunky woman and the way she cheers on her Mexican leadership team.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your soul care, Misty.

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May 3, 2014 - 7:45 am

Misty Lindsey - Tanya and Megan, what a gift you two are to my soul! Thank you for your ridiculous service and tender powerful love for each of us. Thank you for the gift of who you both are to this world, how you love and serve, and the passion and life you brought to me when I most needed it. You are a gift from the Father, each of you so unique and much more powerful than you have any clue.

The way you effortlessly capture beauty is the way I want to choose to live and look at life. Thank you for inspiration and a reminder of truth. I love you both so much!!

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