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Would you call me a bit heartless to say I made my sister and brother-in-law go through 2 photo sessions in below zero temperature?

Me screaming, “WAIT” just to make sure I had that perfect shot? Some may believe so, I think NOT!

That’s not cruelty people; it’s called passion, excellence and capturing the best (or at least that’s what I kept telling my shivering family).

I told them it would be worth it and they were quite elated with the results.

Glowing, soft lights…creates the perfect atmosphere for romantic images…*sigh*

Did I mention my family has many sides to them?

Alley shots! I’ve been dreaming about this in my mind for weeks! My 5d Mark 2 performed beautifully for it’s momma.:)

Note to photo enthusiasts:

The light source?

My charming car headlights created the dramatic back lighting and 2 pairs of my dad’s hand held powered construction lights (covered with 2 layers of saran wrap to diffuse the harshness) used as filler light. Note to the wise, don’t go out and buy the $100 of dollars of lighting equipment starting off. Work what you got people.

Working the camera…atta boy JB.

I love capturing the playful side of my family, but I’m also fascinated with pulling the dramatic side from them too.

Can’t wait for their special day next month. Pretty sure I’ll have a hard time putting the camera down for their wedding. I’ve thought about hiding it in my flowers at the altar, but not too sure how that will work…

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February 2, 2011 - 7:01 pm

Santiago - Hola lil’ T,
I detect some pain in the pictures of the beautiful girl and the boy who’s posing with her (lucky guy). It seems his eyes are saying, “my legs really hurt and I wish I could just go eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate and snuggle with this lovely lady.” Otherwise wonderful work. Really impressed you connived these two into sub-freezing photo shoots.

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