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Patient Growth :: Philippines SEED Project

One farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes in the Philippines. Devoured by debt incurred by high-priced fertilizer, many families have no other choice but to traffic their children.

When asked about the challenges the Filipinos faced, Manny, director of the SEED Project responded, “The biggest challenge is poverty. Poverty is a condition of the mind. We must solve it through example. The people have to see it lived out first hand.”

Manny is tackling the issues of poverty and trafficking with these farmers by training them to create their own organic fertilizer.

The past 27 years, Manny has been bringing long-term sustainability to 1000s of rural communities, ministries and individual families in 10 Asian nations. The SEED Project (Something to Eat Everyday) analyzes each nation, assesses their specific needs and brings solutions through organic farming, livestock raising and agricultural techniques.

I visited one orphanage that was destroyed by the Typhoon in Tacloban. The staff was forced to give the children beer since there was no clean water. By giving these orphanages the tools to create biosand filters, they become self-sufficient with clean water during natural disasters.

It can take a lifetime to bring long-term solutions. It took Manny 27 years to develop the SEEDs project. He encouraged the Unseen Team’s eager, ambition souls to develop patience.  The first few years Manny failed a lot. And then he failed some more. There were moments where he wanted to give up, but continued to stick it out. Years later, he now sends 100s of trainers to the nations to support development of healthy ministries and communities to combat the issue of poverty.

While weaving hours through the debris and destruction left from Typhoon Haiyan, Manny kept referring to his experience with patient growth. He kept encouraging us to fail, make mistakes and get back up.

Sometimes I want growth to come fast.

I want to go and move to the next idea, dream or passion without realizing the most effective missions develop slowly.

I must learn to move strategically, grasp for understanding while letting my roots grow deep.

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