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Ryan + Kelly {North Dakota Engagement Photography}

Time: 8:30 am
Mission: Ryan + Kelly’s Winter Engagement Shoot
Where: Lindenwood Park – Fargo, ND

Before I meet any couple, I like to scout out that perfect photo spot. Knowing the couple wanted photos in the park, I drove over to view the locations. I arrive to find the park gate closed. Bummer!

This left me a dilemma – How do I get to the photo spots?

1. Get out of my warm car, stomp through 12 inches of snow in my black heeled boots and waste time – because we all know that a five minute walk takes so long.


2. Ignore the “NO VEHICLE” sign and stay warm while driving my car on the sidewalk.

I contemplate not knowing what to do. I didn’t want to be late meeting my new couple – it’s never good when trying to make a positive impression. I bit my lip, wrinkled my forehead and held my breath. Ignoring my gut feeling, I found myself driving my car down the forbidden path….good Christian girl…I know.

Too nervous to enjoy the luxury of “not walking “, I found myself stuck in the snow. Sweating and regretting my choice, my wheels spun trying to go uphill in 12 inches of fresh snow. The next 15 minutes I was in full-on panic looking for another way out. Wheels spinning, I put the car in drive, then reverse, then in drive praying I wouldn’t get caught by the park authorities.

Realizing I was making no progress, I proceeded to drive the opposite direction on the sidewalk praying for another way out. I drive two miles trying to find a lead. Going in circles, I finally made my way to a gate…a locked gate!

Franticly sweating, I turn around again. By now I’m not even thinking about that “perfect spot” but just trying to free my car from this park prison! Relieved, I find another sidewalk leading to the road…blocked by a pile of drifted snow.

I knew this was my last hope. I watched cars whizz by on the street. I’d only get one chance. I clenched the wheel knowing that I’d have to gun it to make it through. With a deep breath, I hit the gas and flew my car off the sidewalk. Bursting through the drift and sending snow everywhere, I land with a thud skidding onto the road…the beautiful road. I let go of my breath and burst out laughing as I left an innocent bystander confused.

Lesson of the day:

:: The easy road – in my case, the snow covered, illegal to drive on sidewalk – produces unnecessary stress, horrible guilt and panic.

:: NEVER to take short cuts in life. Ever.

:: Ryan and Kelly are the most delightful couple. They are a couple who have chosen to take the long road – no short cuts – and their marriage will be one that reflects this. Excited to photography your beautiful wedding day!


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