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SUSAN & JAMES 3.19.11

Why is it you can never say what you truly want when it matters??

This is what I felt while trying to give my speech this past weekend. So many thoughts ran through my mind, yet I just couldn’t seem to get what I wanted to say out. My heart wanted to express how much my sister has influenced me into the woman I am today.

The joy and freedom that both James and Susan bring to any room refreshes any soul. Their incredible vision and passion inspires any dreamer to dream bigger. And of course their passionate love (yes, I’ve rolled my eyes many times and have tried to make it as awkward has possible for them:)) and commitment to each other sets a standard for so many to follow.

I maybe biased, but I can’t tell you how intimate and sacred their special day was. As many people have said, just from their wedding, you can tell James and Susan live such revolutionary lives. Their love for each other and the Lord is so overwhelming that it can’t help but rub off on you.

One of my dearest friends, Alyssa Flaten from Mosaic Photography, was able to capture James and Susan’s special day. I’ve learned so much from Alyssa as I began my photography experience working for Mosaic for 2 years. She’s taught me so much about photography, integrity in business, and the art of making a difference in the lives of our clients. She has been such an inspiration to me and has been that sounding board for all my crazy ideas. Thank you Alyssa for capturing some of the most precious moments in my dear sister’s wedding…I’m honored.

Another special thanks to Michael and Danae Moran for getting those photojournalist images we all love. You two are the cutest artiest couple I’ve met!

All images below taken by Alyssa Flaten. Check out the rest of the images on her blog as well as her stellar video here.





Oh how I love you Susan. I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. Know that you will be missed and loved as you move to California. I can’t wait to see what the Lord does through you two. Bless you as the Lord uses you to influence nations and bring His righteousness and love through you!

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March 22, 2011 - 7:17 pm

alyssa flaten - love you Tan!

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