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My sister…

What can I say about one of the major forces that’s helped shaped who I am today?


One who’s opposite of me in every way, yet still has the same drive, passion and heart. I can honestly say there is no one like my sister that propels me to pursue my biggest dreams and to live my life any less than what it could be…


My sister has a gift of inspiring people to live out their greatest dreams with no limits. She has lived a life of no compromise and I’m so blessed that she has found her man that makes her come even more alive and perfects her in every way.


No matter how cliché this sounds, she has truly found the man of her dreams…

First boyfriend.

First love.

First kiss.


There is no other person I could have imagined my sister marrying other than James.

James=complete opposite of my sister. My family says he is like me in many ways. Bonus for me.:) The hours of laughter have increased even more with James. Not only does James capture people with his enchanting, hilarious personality but carries such character and integrity that has the capability to dream beyond what he can imagine.


Susan and James, separately you inspire so many people, I can’t imagine the impact you will make on this world together. I love you both!


Starting with a favorite.


You know the Disney movie, “Up”?

There’s a book in the movie called, “My Adventure Book.” James designed his own version calling it, “Our Adventure Book” using pictures and stories of their lives. He writes about the different countries, experiences, and places they’ve been as well as leaving room for the adventures they’ll live out together…

So enchanting…

Yes, I made them climb through the bitter snow up into that window. What my clients do for me to create that epic picture…

As you can see on the right, they can be quite sassy.

This was the shallow snow…

Pretty sure James dominated this competition since he had one up on my sis with his 6’7″ stature.

Just wait till you see their night photo session!

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February 2, 2011 - 2:31 pm

Heather - Beautiful note Tanya, I hope you get to speak at the reception! And is that the kirkbride tower in FF? They actually let you climb into the window!?

February 5, 2011 - 6:35 am

Laura - Oh Tanya, these tell such a beautiful love story! Absolutely excellent work, my friend!!!! I’m so happy that you were able to capture these for them…welcome home!!!

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