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Places and Faces in Japan…

I took the ferry from Busan to Fukuoka, Japan.

Met my teacher friend, Heather and met a sweet guy named Hubert (“uubear”:)) from Belgium. We were the only ones chillin on the beach that day except for one other guy. I think these images somehow portray each of our personalities.

I find myself frustrated at certain points being a photographer and how easily I can get sucked into the whole touristy site seeing photo trap…wanting cultural experiences, yet end up coming back only with images in front of signs and monuments that say, “I’M A TOURIST! TAKE A PICTURE HERE!”

Part of me likes the ease of snapping a picture in front of a tower and calling it good for the day, but then I know there is something more from that culture that I could be experiencing. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem being one of those tourists. I certainly am at particular times, but I found for me to fully experience the beauty of a culture I have to venture off the road most taken.

So, on my trip to Japan, I tried to open my eyes to avenues that went beyond the tourist mindset. And found something beautiful most people would turn there heads away from and move onto a museum or site (which was me at first): 2 older Japanese men fishing on the shore alone.

From their vintage bikes, to their insanely long fishing poles, to their prized winnings, it had photo opp written all over it! And yes I asked their permission first.

This man used his pole to scrap some sort of seafood shells off the walls.

This guy was adorable. I excitedly awaited as he fervently reeled in his catch that was pulling on his u-shaped bent pole.

I was highly dissapointed.

His earnings from his sowing: a fish not much bigger than his bait (middle image). Good try buddy!

A restaurant on water…can’t imagine how different this would look in the middle of a storm.

Testing out the Japanese food. Pretty tasty, although I’m not a huge fan of the pigs’ throat-too chewy.

Light + Night + Vintage Coffee Shop = Epic pictures

Taking pics while riding our bikes EVERYWHERE!

I think Heather was sick of me telling her to “wait!” as I snapped over 20 images trying to get the perfect motion/still picture.

For you photo gurus wondering how I got the picture (to the right) WITHOUT photoshop blurs, here’s the recipe: f/14, 1/10sec, iso 100, 20mm lense, and good balance (you have to ride a bike)

My adventurous, daring side loves trying the most absurd food in different countries. My stomach can handle most of them, but one thing I absolutely cannot stand is SUSHI! You maybe thinking sushi is not that unusual. And maybe you’re one to eat 4/5 plates at a sushi buffet and actually enjoy it. I was told that I had to try the sushi in Japan since it is probably so much better than the sushi I tried previously (“r-r-r-right”). My opinon remains the same…nasty! No thank you to sushi.

Don’t even ask what that rubbery, slimy, pee colored sushi is.  I’m getting nauseated just looking at the marbly orange eggs :/

Culture in Japan….

A woman selling snakes in water…all she needs is her TV!

Games, Games, Games…Japan and it’s games (Korea also loves its PC rooms). You may think the older woman and man are enjoying a casual game during their lunch break. No, they are serious about their games. It was a matter of life and death for the guy gripping the plastic machine gun.

Manarake…Japan’s most popular anime and mango shop. All ages go wild over the endless books, cds, games, and toys filled with adventure, romance, science, fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.

Stay tuned for a side of Japan that’s a little different than this…

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