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I met Than in 2007 in my first photography class at MSUM. At that time, we were young, fresh artists messing around with photography chemicals in the darkroom. Than would never admit it, but there was a reason why I would always finish my prints before him.:)

Who would have thought 4 years later, we would be starting a non-profit together?

Funny the way God works.

How can I describe Than? Hmmm…In our photo class, Than was always the cool, artisy, social hippster. He’s probably the most relatable person I know. Within 2 seconds of meeting Than, you instantly know you’ve made a friend for life. ¬†Although Than comes off as one of the most relaxed, chill person you’ll encounter, he also posses a quiet ambitious tenacity that creates a dyanamic twist. Than’s the type of person that when he sets a goal, he will do everything it takes to accomplish that dream and beyond(in the most fun way possible)…within the next 20 minutes.

It’s been pretty crazy to see our vision come together these past couple months. It’s been quite a ride experiencing the vast goodness of what the Lord has begun through Unseen Ministries. It’s only the beginning and I feel honored to partner with such incredible people like Than and Emma.

Than is an incredible videographer and journalist with a “very precise set of skills” that knocks anyone off their feet. Check out Than’s video production here: Bentwings Production


Contemplating how to solve the world’s problems…



Way to work it buddy.


Emma and I go way back. We both played basketball in High school.

I’ve never met anyone that is so quick to brighten a room like Emma can. Her joyful, outgoing personality is soo contagious. I have yet to meet Emma when she doesn’t have her one in a million smile on. It’s no wonder why she caught Than’s eye.


Than and Emma have been called the most fun, outgoing, social couple you ever meet. There is never a dull moment when these 2 are together.



I could not stop laughing while editing these pictures. There is no one else that can make all these facial expressions in less than a minute.

And this is usually how are meetings start and end no matter how intense our discussions maybe. He may hate me for putting his “classic Than expressions” here, but I just couldn’t help myself:)


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