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Trick Art…


A couple friends brought me to an art exhibit called “Trick Art”.  I’ve seen quite a few art museums, but I’d have to say I’ve never been to one quite like this.


We waited over 2 hours to get into the museum; I was curious to find out why this art exhibit was so intriguing.  I found out why very quickly…


The paintings are designed to create an illusion making them look as if they were stepping outside the painting. I could hear clicking of cameras as flocks of people were capturing their friends and family in this 3 dimensional art.


Just like all the other visitors, my 2 friends and I were running around the museum making goofy faces in front of the images.


I don’t know if this little girl was more scared of the fact she’s taking a picture with a complete stranger or afraid of what her mother will do if she didn’t take the picture with me.







Favorite picture of the day: little boy’s scrunched face as the dinosaur was about to grab him. From the look on his face, I’m not sure if he knew it was just a picture.















More optical illusions…


What is this boy doing you may ask? DONG CHIM (translated as “poop needle”)! Yes, it’s as gross as it looks. I see kids running around holding their hands in a shape of a gun trying to poke each other in the butt. A very typical joke played among kids.

Had my first encounter with this lovely gesture just 3 days ago in the swimming pool. As usual, I was throwing balls at random children in the pool trying to get as many “head shots” as I could (got to get back at the naughty kids somehow). As I was chucking the ball at a student, I instantly jolted out of the water from a very disturbing sensation from behind me. My face was pulsing red as shock, fear, embarrassment, and annoyance overwhelmed me all at once. I turned around to find my seemingly innocent 10 year old student giggling as she sheepishly covers her mouth trying to restrain her giddiness.

Ah yes, the joys of Dong Chim.


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