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Triple Threat: Tanya’s Treks and Travels

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This is what happens every time I try to conjure up the words to describe my time in the Philippines. The accurate vocabulary flees from my brain so I tell myself I will try again tomorrow. And this is why it’s taken me all but 4 months to write my first blog on the Philippines. Fail.

Instead of exhausting your eyeballs by scrolling through 5,342 pictures (your welcome), I will be starting a new blog series – TRIPLE THREAT :: Tanya’s Treks and Travels

Every week I’ll be featuring secret heroes I’ve met while traveling (many through the Uh-mazing organization I’ve worked with :: Unseen Ministries), share personal lessons as well as highlight my treks and ventures along the way. Pictures taken with Henrick (my shiny Canon Mark 3) will obviously be included – else that would be just plain boring.

Get ready. It’s going to be exciting.

First up: Destiny’s Promise, Philippines

This safe haven provides temporary care and adoption services to children who come from the most severe cases of poverty, neglect, abuse, abandonment or trafficking. Many orphanages in the Philippines only provide care for babies from the ages of 0-2. Destiny’s Promise is one of the SOLE providers that serve street children that are deemed as unadoptable or hopeless. The past 3 years, Destiny’s Promise has rescued 55 children and found homes for 30 of those children through national and international adoption.

To protect the children at Destiny’s Promise, pictures of the children’s faces are not allowed online. The neighborhood children gladly accepted the opportunity for a photo op.

A few of the ever so talented team of 10 artists from Oregon, Kentucky and Fargo, North Dakota.

My heart stopped when this moment happened. The older children were coming home from school. When the younger children saw them, they immediately sprinted towards them and ran into their embrace. If I wasn’t in photo zone, I would have turned into a big puddle of mushy tears from the beautiful encounter that unfolded before me.

The movers and shaker behind Destiny’s Promise :: Manny, Sherry and their 3 girls.

Manny and Sherry have recently been in the states sharing their mission. With Unseen’s awareness and media tools, Destiny’s Promise is now equipped to empower more people to partner with the incredible work God is doing in the Philippines. How cool is that!

Watch their promo video and learn more about their mission.

Destiny’s Promise Promo from Unseen Ministries on Vimeo.

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