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My year in Korea is coming to an end. *sigh*

In 4 days and I’ll be stepping on American soil. It wasn’t in my original plans to leave Korea so soon, but I’m excited to celebrate my bestest friends’ wedding…my sister is getting married!! (more on that later-pics will be coming:)) I’m sad to leave this life I’ve built in Korea (for now), but thrilled to see my family!

As I’m reflecting on this past year, my brain is flooded with so many wonderful emotions and experiences I’ve encountered. Looking over my new year’s goals from last year, I automatically starting checking things off I’ve accomplished and circling the things I wanted to add/change on my new list for 2011. I noticed my immediate feelings of success/or failure were starting to rise and fall on how much I’ve completed.

Having such a doer type personality, it’s easy for me to be one of those that starts determining success on how great my acheivements are. My natural tendendacy is to measure my day’s worth on how much I’ve done or how many photo shoots I’ve done that year.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been blessed by some pretty cool photo opportunites, but I always find myself asking,

“Do those things really define my worth and the success of that year?”

I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter how many radical photo opportunities I’ve received or the different countries I see or even how many girls get ministered to at the shelter, all that matters is did I complete what the Lord set on my heart to do this year? Of course, we can only answer this question for ourselves, but it always relieves me of any pressure of striving or working for something that I really don’t need to do.

I was reminded from one of my favorite quotes by John Bevere,

“Success isn’t determined by what we’ve done, but on what we are called to do.”

A friend challenged me on his blog about how the Lord does not judge us on a performance based scale.  It doesn’t matter the amount of miracles that happen or the amount of ministry we’ve accomplished. All that truly makes a difference is love and if we’ve grown in loving people.

I can get so caught up in always pushing forward in my “big” photography/and non-photography dreams and completely miss out in what God has called me to do now, right here in front of me. And that is to love Him and love people.

All else means nothing…so instead of judging my accomplishments from my own measure of success, I simply asked, “Did I do what God’s called me to do and did I grow in my love for Him and the people He has placed in my life?”

So, I leave you with these images of me loving(or trying to:)) on these sweet orphans at their baptism…

**Pics are taken with my point and shoot camera. Quality=low**

Orphans with their godparents. They’re given godparents when they first enter the home.

The boy on the left (mouth slightly hanging open:)) is one of the best basketball players in the group. I call him “Ace”. His godfather was beaming when I told him he was a superstar. He couldn’t stop smiling and patting “Ace” on the back.

As soon the kids saw us walk in the auditorium, they immediately pointed and waved their hands trying to get our attention. I loved seeing their joyful faces as we would acknowledge their presence.

Getting baptized…

Amy and Julie teacher with one of the boys. Me and some of my girls on the bottom left and me and Goggles on the right:)

The girls proudly showing me where they sleep. They are too cute!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays and have a great New Years!!

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